Friday, March 21, 2014

Keiji Inafune Still Wants To Make Mega Man Legends 3

Even though Capcom has seemingly forgotten about Mega Man Legends 3, the Blue Bomber's father has not. Speaking with with USGamer, Keiji Inafune passionately spoke about how he still wants to make the game and has clearly not forgotten the fan favorite despite his success with Mighty No. 9. He made it clear that it is still the one game he wants to create most and once again reiterated that if Capcom were to approach him, he would jump at the chance to complete the game. Mr. Inafune even said that he believes he could gather most of the original team members to finish the title. Considering the insane level of success the 3DS has achieved, the massive fanbase for the Mega Man Legends and Capcom's desperate need for successful games, the company is literally flushing money down the toilet if they don't allow Mr. Inafune to finish this highly anticipated project. Note to Capcom: Swallow your pride, get off your ass and make this happen!

Mr. Inafune's full comments on Mega Man Legends 3:
If somebody asked, even right now, what’s the game you want to create most? It’s still Legends 3. I put so much effort into that game, so much passion into that game, but it didn’t happen. It’s always a regret in my mind. Even now… 
We all know that’s not going to happen, though, as long as Capcom holds the IP. But if they asked me to make that game, I could still gather most of the original team, even right now. Some of them have quit Capcom, some of them are still at Capcom, but I believe that team would be passionate enough to come back together and create that game. So…we’ll see what’s going to happen. You never know. 
Let’s say that, if we have all seven Dragon Balls right here, right now, and Shen Long comes up and says, ‘What’s your wish?’ My wish would be, give me all the right tools, people, and environment to create Legends 3.


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