Thursday, October 9, 2014

XEODRIFTER Gets Its First Glorious Trailer

Jools Watsham's Xeodrifter is approaching completion and Renegade Kid has just released a new trailer showcasing the stunning Metroidvania game. With Nintendo keeping silent on any new Metroid titles, the indie community has stepped up to fill the void left by Samus Aran. While excellent titles like Unepic and Teslagrad do an excellent job of expanding on the Metroidvania sub-genre, Xeodrifter may very well be one of the first games to truly capture everything we love about the Metroid franchise. The game has had a lightning quick development cycle driven by the very passionate Jools Watsham and has even been chronicled on giving some excellent insight on the game development process. The game is set for the 3DS eShop this fall with a possible Wii U version in the future. Enjoy!

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