Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dementium: The Ward Coming To 3DS Next Year

With the Dementium series recent return to Renegade Kid, fans have been eagerly awaiting what would happen with the underrated survival horror franchise. It turns out that the series will be making the leap to the mega successful Nintendo 3DS in 2015. Much like this years Moon Chronicles, Dementium: The Ward will get a full overhaul for the 3D console complete with enhanced visuals and gameplay tweaks to create a better experience. Unlike Moon Chronicles, it seems that the game will be released as a complete download on the eShop instead of the episode structure of Moon.

For those who don't know, Dementium: The Ward was Renegade Kid's first game back in 2007 and while the game was quite good, it was definitely rough around the edges with a harsh save system and punishing level of difficulty due to respawning enemies. Renegade Kid has pledged to fix these issues in the new version of the game which will make it a bit more accessible to horror fans pampered by the action horror games of the last half decade. This means that the game will likely use manual save points and the endlessly respawned enemies will be toned down dramatically for a more balanced experience. Hardcore fans need not worry though as Renegade Kid is considering how to offer a greater challenge for those who want a tougher experience (my guess would be through a difficulty selection). The game will likely run on a modified version of the Moon Chronicles engine which means 60 frames per second visuals even with the 3D turned on. Expect to see the game on the  3DS eShop around the middle of next year (Q2 2015).

As for the rest of the series, Renegade Kid has shown interest in re-releasing Dementium 2 on the 3DS as well which will make the series a real standout for the system. Fans have also been begging for a Wii U release of the series which would be an excellent fit for Nintendo's HD console. When it comes to the future, Dementium 3 is part of the long-term goals but won't happen for quite a while. Any way you slice it, survival horror fans have a very good reason to be excited as this series is one of the better independent horror games on the market.

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