Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Hush" Brings Creepy Adventure To The Wii U

Indie game developer Game Studio 78 (GS78) has recently announced their latest game for the Wii U known simply as Hush. The game is a creepy dungeon crawling adventure with RPG elements and looks like a nice mix of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Legend of Zelda. You play the role of a young girl named Ashlyn who must fight her way through a variety of levels which reflect her various fears literally armed with her favorite toy known as Gogo. GS78 has also released some Gameplay Beta footage of the game which showcases an impressive level of atmosphere through its lighting and moody soundtrack. Hush is scheduled to hit the Wii U in Summer 2015 and should make a nice addition to the growing Wii U indie library. Enjoy!

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