Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dead or Alive Drinking Game

My wife and I just finished the movie for D.O.A. (Dead Or Alive) which is based on the video game of the same name.  We did this as part of our bad movie night where we try and find bad movies and make fun of them together which is a blast.  As expected, the movie was laughably bad but we came up with a drinking game that will make it even more enjoyable.  Here ya go:

1. Rent the movie (Buy it if you can get it dirt cheap)
2. Prep your drink of choice
3. Every time the logo "DOA" shows up in the movie, take a shot

We figure you'll be pretty wasted within the first 15 minutes so my wife suggests going with half shots because that logo is EVERYWHERE! (Clothing, computer screens, weapons, hot tubs, doors, etc.)  Honestly, if you actually catch them all on your first run, you deserve a drink.  There's plenty of action and fighting to go along with the bad acting and horrible effects so enjoy and please drink responsibly.

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