Tuesday, April 23, 2013

8GB Wii U (White) Getting A New Bundle This Fall?

Summer/Fall 2013 may see the same kind of turnaround experienced by the 3DS a few years ago. Despite the constant negativity surrounding the console, Nintendo is aware of the Wii U issues and I would not be surprised to see the Big N come out swinging at this year's E3 which is just over a month away. Rumor's are now beginning to spread that Nintendo will restructure the hardware bundles this fall to make the system more attractive as they begin to roll out some heavy hitters in the software department. It seems as if Nintendo will start bundling Nintendo Land with the white basic model of the Wii U and keep the price at $299 while providing a slight price drop to the black pro set (Likely $320 - $330). This is firmly in the realm of rumor right now but is a very possible scenario that, when combined with a flood of big name exclusive software this fall, could give the Wii U one of the biggest console turnarounds in history. Please share your thoughts below.

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