Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pandora's Tower Game Freezing Bug And Solution

Now that Pandora's Tower has finally been released, a potential game freezing bug has been discovered by Tony Ponce at I doubt that XSEED will be able to patch the game at this point given its limited release and the Wii's current status as a "last generation" console. Tony has tested the bug and put together spoiler free instructions on how to avoid the potential issue of freezing your console and game. As stated in his article, this may not happen to every player and he could only test it on a 2006 launch model of the Wii so later models of the Wii and the Wii U may not have this issue. With that being said, it's better to be prepared and avoid the problem as opposed to having your experience ruined. Below are the direct instructions from the article but please read the full article here for complete details.


After Tower 13 opens, you'll be unable to return to Towers 11 or 12. When you choose either level from the stage select menu, the game will lock up at the loading screen and you will have to hold the power button on the console to force shutdown. The game will also freeze if you try to enter 11 or 12 from the side doors at the base of Tower 13 rather than from the stage select menu.


The game will refuse to load Towers 11 or 12 until you visit Tower 13 at least once, but as I said above, simply entering 11 or 12 via the Tower 13 base is not enough. You have to step through one of the doors leading to the Tower 13 outer wall staircase first; once outside, you can use the Shard of Divinity item to teleport back to the Observatory. Now you should be able to enter 11 or 12 from the stage select menu without locking the game.

To confirm if your visit to Tower 13 was registered, highlight its entry on the stage select menu. If a preview image of the Tower 13 environment appears, it means you've been there at least once. Conversely, if no preview image appears, it means you have not.

Again, here are the steps:
  1. Choose Tower 13 from the stage select menu.
  2. Enter one of the doors leading to the Tower 13 outer wall staircase.
  3. Use a Shard of Divinity to teleport back to the Observatory.
  4. Towers 11 and 12 should be accessible from the stage select menu now.

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