Monday, April 22, 2013

EarthBound Sequel Fan Translation Offered To Nintendo For Free!

Anyone who has followed EarthBound and the Japanese series it originated from (Mother) knows that few games have a following quite like this epic RPG series. EarthBound/Mother fans are an incredibly dedicated crew who have done everything from creating professional quality reproduction carts for the unreleased NES version of the original Mother to translating the entire third game in the series for free. The team responsible for translating Mother 3 (GBA) for the rabid English speaking fanbase has just offered up all of their hard work to Nintendo for free. They have even gone as far as offering their services in altering any of the code or files to make them fit within Nintendo's standards once again 100% free of charge. This is an impressive gesture that shows just how much fans want this series to not only come to English speaking fans but also how much they also want it to succeed outside of Japan.

For fans and newcomers alike, Treon's Realm has put together a quick set of links to bring everyone up to speed and get prepared for the release of EarthBound on the Wii U Virtual Console. Enjoy and please share with anyone you know who may enjoy this game. - The ultimate resource for all things EarthBound and Mother. Anything you want to know about this series has been lovingly detailed on this excellent and long running fan site. - Video game apparel site that sells beautiful merchandise based on classic video games (Primarily Nintendo themed). The site got its start through and began by selling EarthBound merchandise.

The Mother 3 Fan Translation - Full professional translation for the ROM of the Game Boy Advance that never made it stateside despite a fanbase that literally begged for it.

16 Bit Gems - Video series by the ever knowledgeable Roo (Clan of the Gray Wolf) provides both an exhaustive history and in-depth review of this legendary game and is a must watch for anyone interested in the game.
    16-Bit Gems #10: EarthBound A History - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
    16-Bit Gems #11: EarthBound Review - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Happy Video Game Nerd: EarthBound - An excellent review that shows much love for this underrated game. This version is the 2012 Expanded and Reedited review.


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