Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Major Wii U System Update Coming Next Week

The Wii U interface is a wonderful hybrid of the 3DS and original Wii but there is no denying some of its shortcomings. The biggest issue for many fans has been the loading times and while some companies would just ignore the issue, Nintendo has taken ownership and is doing something about it. It turns out that Nintendo is not only fixing this with a system update next week but they are also adding some excellent new features to the interface to create a better experience overall.
  • Update will shorten loading times between applications or returning to Wii U Menu.
  • You will now be able to copy or move data from one USB hard drive to another.
  • Your system will automatically install new software you've downloaded in the background and receive updates for games immediately (instead of having to load the game to trigger the download).
  • You'll be able to boot the console into Wii mode by holding the B button when you switch it on which will drastically streamline playing your classic Wii library.
  • Other improvements are also promised
The day after this update, a new application known as Wii U Panorama View will be available for download. This software looks really impressive and will essentially act as an interactive travel channel where you can look anywhere with the Wii U Gamepad during a full motion tour of a specific world location. You will be able to test drive this innovative new software with a free demo with the option of purchasing modules for locations you wish to visit. The Wii U Virtual Console will also be launching on the same day which is one of the best and most option rich ways to officially play classic retro titles.

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