Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rayman Legends Challenge App Now Available For Wii U Plus Release Date Revealed

Rayman Legends has had a rocky ride this year, most notably for Nintendo Fans. The game started as a major Wii U exclusive and launch title for the system in November 2012. The highly anticipated game was later bumped to Christmas 2012 and then February 26, 2013 before ultimately loosing its exclusivity and getting delayed (a mere 20 days before its February date) over 6 months in favor of a simultaneous launch on all current consoles. To say Nintendo fans and even the development team were upset was an understatement with many still holding a serious grudge towards UbiSoft.

UbiSoft has thrown Wii U owners a bone with the release of the Rayman Legends Challenge App which is available to download on the eShop today for free. The app is a surprisingly robust piece of software that feels like a demo on steroids complete with online leaderboards and daily/weekly updated challenges through random levels based on four levels from the retail game (one of which is Wii U exclusive). You are now tasked with earning trophies, collecting Lums and raising your "Awesomeness Level" which gives you access to new levels and challenges as well as new playable characters. Everything can be played with multiple players which is absolutely hilarious when everyone is frantically rushing through the crazy levels.

I could see a company such as Capcom charging for this considering the depth and support on display but UbiSoft opted for the free route as a bit of an apology to Nintendo fans. Honestly, while I'm not happy about the delay of the main game, this app combined with the additional boss/levels the development team is adding to the retail release does a great job of showing that UbiSoft isn't as bad as everyone is making them out to be. Enjoy your free game and be sure to grab your copy of the main game which is set to hit either August 27th or September 3rd (UbiSoft is being a bit murky on the actual US date) in North America and August 30th in Europe.

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