Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Mega Man FPS That Never Was

News has recently surfaced from Polygon that in 2010, a Mega Man FPS was in development by Armature Studios. For those who don't know, Armature Studios was founded by a group of developers from the Metroid Prime series and early footage of the game showed an amazing blend of gameplay from both the Blue Bomber and Samus Aran's massive 3D adventure series. The title was known as Maverick Hunter and took place within the Mega Man X series to fit the darker tone and gameplay style. While the game was in a very early state with with only a few months of development, the results show a game that would have taken the series in a bold and exciting new direction. At the time, series godfather Keiji Inafune was consulting and scripting the new project ensuring the game would fit within the series cannon. What is sure to piss off Mega Man fans is that this marks the FOURTH Mega Man game canceled by Capcom since 2010! It has become very obvious that Capcom is holding quite a grudge towards Mega Man since Keiji Inafune left the company. Some fans have even suggested that Capcom sell the Mega Man franchise to Nintendo so he could be brought back properly. If you want to get the full breakdown on this amazing looking game, I recommend reading the entire article over at Polygon and feel free to share your thoughts on this lost Mega Man game below. Enjoy!

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