Thursday, April 25, 2013

Web Browser Miiverse Is Now Live

Nintendo has officially released their popular Miiverse community to web browsers. As I have mentioned before, Miiverse is a great social network community which surprisingly manages to keep the majority of trolls and negativity out of the mix and delivers a largely positive experience for fans. The browser version of the app has some limits imposed in terms of new posts and interactivity which seems to be in favor of keeping things enjoyable and focused for the people who use the app on Wii U (its primary user base). Nintendo is planning to release a version of the popular app for the 3DS later this year which will likely have a similar level of usability to the Wii U. For my Wii U users, I have posted a direct link to Miiverse just below the Treon's Realm banner for quick and easy access. Enjoy!

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