Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fans Petition Nintendo To Make 3DS & Wii U Region Free!

Nintendo has always had an on and off relationship with region locking and their many consoles. Taking a look back at their various portable and home consoles, we find the the move to disc based machines brought about the worst case of region locking. Microsoft and Sony have both changed their stances and the Xbone and PS4 will be region free when they launch this fall. This has prompted Nintendo fans to band together in hopes of changing Nintendo's stance on the issue.

A new petition has launched with one goal, to get the Big N to remove the region lock from Wii U and 3DS. It has been proven quite a few times in recent years that Nintendo is a fan driven company who actually listens to their fans and makes changes accordingly (Operation Rainfall, Earthbound on Wii U Virtual Console, YouTube Let's Play). With any luck, the hardcore Nintendo fans can make a difference again and free our beloved Wii U and 3DS from the tyranny of region locking. Make your voice heard!

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