Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kingdom Hearts III Coming To Wii U?

With the Kingdom Hearts III reveal at last nights Sony E3 press conference, many fans went nuts for the long awaiting title and missed out on the revelation that the game is coming to next-gen consoles and not just Sony's PS4. Xbox One and PS4 are currently announced but rumors suggest that Nintendo's Wii U may also see a release of the game.

While the series has a big history with Sony, there are questions surrounding the Xbox One release considering that the game doesn't not fit that systems demographic and none of the previous titles have been on a Microsoft console. Nintendo on the other hand has had a rich history with the franchise with 4 of the 7 previous games having appeared on Nintendo handhelds. This has led many to believe that the game will appear on the Wii U once Nintendo builds the install base for the hardware later this year with their recently announced flood of new games. It's also worth noting that the Wii U and PS4 will be the only real next gen machines in Japan and the excellent and successful Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for 3DS is a direct prequel to the Kingdom Hearts III storyline making a strong argument for a Wii U release. Until there is more news, enjoy the reveal trailer for this highly anticipated game!

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