Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mighty Switch Force! 2 Burns Up The 3DS Next Week

The talented WayForward Technologies is a unique studio which has managed to consistently craft high quality games that manage to push 2D in fresh new directions while the industry remains obsessed with 3D. What's more, they have done this with brand new franchises that they have created and fully own. From Shantae to the Mighty franchise, WayFroward knows how to make fun and challenging 2D classics.

One of their newest franchises, Mighty Switch Force!, has garnered a loyal following who delight in the games excellent visuals and brutally difficult yet highly rewarding gameplay. The game has been a hit on the 3DS and received a beautiful hi-rez upgrade on the Wii U (titled Might Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition) which has to be seen to be believed. In March, it was revealed that a sequel was coming to the 3DS which would throw firefighting into the mix. With this year marking the 23rd anniversary of WayForward, they are celebrating with the launch trailer for Mighty Switch Force! 2 which will be hitting North America on June 13 for $5.99 and Europe on June 27. Enjoy!

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