Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nintendo Is Treating Fans To An Hour Long E3 Nintendo Direct

Despite Nintendo choosing to opt out of the traditional E3 conference, they are looking to make an even bigger impact with their non-traditional approach to E3 and focus on Nintendo Direct. It has been revealed that many of the games on the showroom floor will be playable at various Best Buy stores during the week of the show. In addition, there will be a large scale hour long Nintendo Direct airing on June 11th. What makes this exciting is that your traditional big E3 show runs anywhere from 1-2 hours but is loaded with sales statistics, celebrity fluff and technical jargon leaving about a third of the show for scant game info. Most (if not all) of this will be cut allowing for a solid hour of info focused strictly on the games with a massive focus on the Nintendo Wii U. You can expect video and demos of many big games including Super Smash Bros. (both Wii U & 3DS), Wind Waker HD, Bayonetta 2 and the new Mario 3D for Wii U. Best of all, rumors are pointing to some really big surprises from companies such as Retro, Shin'en and Sega among others. Treon's Realm will be covering E3 and updating regularly through the show so be sure of follow on Twitter for that latest updates.

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