Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Neverhood Gets A Spiritual Successor!

When if comes to insanely unique point n click adventure titles, few can hold a candle to the 90's classic The Neverhood. Its incredible mix of humorous storytelling, awesome claymation visuals and absurdly great soundtrack created an adventure game that even today has no equal. The creative team that made that classic game has banded together (Pencil Test Studios) to create a new game titled Armikrog which shares a lot with its spiritual predecessor. The team is using Kickstarter to allow fans to help in its creation because, let's face it, no publisher wants to fund something this creative. The game is set to hit PC, Mac and Linux (all DRM free!) with a potential Wii U release in the future. The team is requesting $900,000 to complete the project and is offering many great rewards for your donation. With 21 days left in the campaign, the game has amassed thousands of contributors and raised about half of its goal meaning we are likely to see this imaginative project take the Adventure game genre by storm. I urge you to check out the game and donate if you like what you see. Enjoy and feel free to share your memories of The Neverhood below!

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