Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Final Super Smash Wars Chapter Brings Epic Trilogy To A Dramatic Close

James Farr's Super Smash Wars has become one of the best Nintendo fan projects ever made with its abundance of slick Nintendo references, amazing animation and excellent use of both the Nintendo and Star Wars universes. Mr. Farr has finally completed his trilogy with the 2 part Super Smash Wars 3: Return of the Hero of Time which gives us Wario the Hutt, adorable Pikmin in the place of the Ewoks and the final battle between Link Skywaker and Ganondarth. Once again, the animation is wonderfully bright and action packed and the story does an excellent job of retelling the third chapter in the original Star Wars trilogy. Be prepared to watch multiple times because as with previous episodes, there is an insane number of sight gags to delight even the most hardcore of Nintendo fans. Enjoy!

SSW: Return of the Hero of Time Part 1 Direct Link

SSW: Return of the Hero of Time Part 2 Direct Link

For those who missed the previous chapters in the epic Super Smash Wars Saga, I am providing links to each episode below. Also, please be sure to share these with Star Wars & Nintendo fans to support Mr. Farr. Enjoy!

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