Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Explore The Mega Man Universe With These "Mind-Blowing Mega Man Theories"

There are many theories about the Mega Man universe but one that continues to fascinate fans is how the long running series is tied together. Much like the long debated Zelda timeline, fans have poured over the Blue Bombers adventures looking for minute details that would link the games together. The biggest theory seeks to explain how the original series ties into the X series and beyond. While some would scoff and claim the games aren't really tied together, there is a level of fun and enjoyment (as well as critical & creating thinking) that comes from solving the mystery. YouTube user dookieshed has put together an excellent video which does a great job of showing how these legendary games are linked together and manages to make some connections that I'm sure many fans had never even considered. Enjoy!

Mind-Blowing Mega Man Theories Direct Link

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