Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Get Inked In Splatoon For Wii U!

Nintendo surprised fans with a variety of new IP's at this years E3, many for the Wii U. With all of these great new games, the clear show stopper was the colorful, squad based shooter known as Splatoon. The game stars colorful squids who morph into kids armed with ink cannons tasked with painting levels in their color of choice, all while competing in 4 on 4 teams. It feels like a bizarre mix of Lazertag, Paintball and King of the Hill and offers a type of multiplayer shooter experience simply not available anyplace outside of the Wii U.

While that may sound insane, the game delivers the same kind of Nintendo brand fun as the Mario Kart series (specifically the battle mode). Seeing as Nintendo doesn't really have a major squad based multiplayer shooter series in the same vein as Halo or Battlefield, Splatoon is their own original take on the genre and it looks incredibly fun. The E3 showroom reactions speak volumes for the games addictive fun making Splatoon one of Nintendo's most successful introductions of a brand new video game series in years. Enjoy!

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