Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wii U Fans Treated To Exclusive Features For Bayonetta!

The dust has settled from last week's E3 and now fans are anxiously looking forward to the games coming out through the end of 2014. While Sony and Microsoft's year end showing was a bit light, Nintendo fans were treated to some heavy hitters for the remainder of the year. One of the big Wii U titles coming out this October is Bayonetta 2. Nintendo surprised fans with the news that the original Bayonetta would be included with its sequel for free. While a straight port would've been enough, Platinum Games has added some Wii U exclusive features to ensure that the Wii U will feature the ultimate Bayonetta experience.

Exclusive Features For Original Bayonetta For Wii U
  • Touch based controls (for both Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2): This feature will allow for more casual players to experience both games with optional touch based controls which can be switched on or off at any point during gameplay.
  • off-TV play: allows you to play entire game on Gamepad without TV
  • Dual Language: optional English or Japanese voice acting (you can also choose your subtitled language)
  • 3 exclusive Nintendo themed costumes:
Samus Armor
  • Bayonetta style Samus Armor complete with controllable visor (you can lift & lower the visor with button press)
  • Functional Arm Cannon that Bayonetta actually uses as a weapon
Link Tunic
  • Includes Master Sword which is used for attacks
  • Bayonetta style Link's Tunic which includes Hyrule Shield gauntlet
  • Collectible Rupees fly out of defeated enemies
Princess Peach Dress
  • Skimpy Bayonetta version of Peach's dress
  • Summon attacks feature giant Bowser hand & feet
  • Alternate whip weapon
  • Collectible Mario Coins fly out of defeated enemies
Lastly, it should be noted that the Wii U version of the original Bayonetta is based on the superior Xbox 360 version of the game and not the borderline broken PS3 version. This means that the game will have quick loading and run largely at 60 FPS (the developers have said that you may see a slight framerate dip on occasion). Overall, it's nice to see a developer taking the Wii U seriously and offering the best version of their game on Nintendo's underrated HD console. Enjoy and be sure to grab your copy of Bayonetta 2 (which includes the original) this October!

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