Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hyrule Warriors Gets A Major Dose Of Girl Power And Release Date!

Nintendo gave fans an updated look at the upcoming Hyrule Warriors and it looks like an excellent action focused expansion of the Zelda universe. The graphics have been updated dramatically since last year's reveal trailer featuring a broad spectrum of colorful special attacks, a massive Hyrule and highly detailed character models. One of the biggest surprises was the reveal of new playable characters. In addition to Link and Impa, Princess Zelda and Midna will be fully playable meaning that Hyrule Warriors will sport a badass selection of strong playable female protagonists (a rarity in the video game world). Nintendo has also stated that there will be even more playable characters available in the game but remained silent on who they are. The new trailer teases the return of series villain Ganondorf leading some fans to speculate that Hyrule Warriors will take place in the Child Link branch of the Zelda Timeline (further reinforced by the inclusion of Midna). Zelda fans will be able to slash their way through Hyrule on September 26th 2014. Enjoy!

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