Monday, August 11, 2014

Free Tappingo Soundtrack & New Wii U FPS From Goodbye Galaxy Games

When it comes to indie gems for Nintendo consoles, many immediately think of games like Shantae (Wayforward), Moon Chronicles (Renegade Kid) and Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games) but you would be forgetting many of the excellent smaller gems from companies like RCMADIAX and Goodbye Galaxy Games. These developer's have made a name for themselves by making excellent (and inexpensive) little games that focus on gameplay and fun. Most (if not all) of these games are Nintendo exclusives perfectly suited to the Nintendo gamer with their minimalist presentation and simple yet unique gameplay.

Goodbye Galaxy Games made a name for itself with a collection of great DSiWare games like Color Commando and Ace Mathician before moving onto the 3DS eShop with the puzzle hit Tappingo which is getting a sequel on August 28. In anticipation of the upcoming sequel, the company has released the 9 track soundtrack on with a name your own price option that includes FREE. It's a great set of tunes that perfectly channels the puzzle gameplay that has made the game a hit and I recommend you download it here.

Earlier this year, Hugo Smits (the man behind Goodbye Galaxy Games) hinted that he was developing a "FPS with guns and blood" for the Wii U. Mr. Smits has just sent Nintendo Life the first screenshot of the game and it is deliciously retro. Based on this early screenshot, the game seems to take its inspiration from classic hits like the original Doom and Wolfenstien 3D which is actually quite refreshing when you consider how many modern FPS titles are overly obsessed with overblown set piece moments and cattle chute level design that penalizes players who want to stray from the predetermined path. While further details have yet to be released, the game looks like a return to the FPS fun that simply involved running around and shooting things while exploring mazelike levels. Check out the screenshot of the upcoming retro FPS here and enjoy!

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