Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trashmania Trilogy Set To Haunt The Wii U!

Trashmania: After Dark is a First Person "Horror/Arcade" game from indie developer Jonathon Bont which is currently on the OUYA (the game is a personal favorite on the underrated indie console). The game is similar to Slender: The Eight Pages where the player is tasked with collecting a set number of trash cans to throw in the dumpster, all while being hunted by a giant set of mysterious red teeth. The gameplay is simple yet addictive and channels the spirit of arcade classics from the early 80's. Trashmania: After Dark is actually the third game in a trilogy which includes 2 earlier titles which were Atari 2600 homebrew titles known as Trashmania & Trashmania: Remix.

It was recently revealed that the entire trilogy will see release on the Wii U as Trashmania Trilogy complete with exclusive Wii U GamePad integration and updated graphics running at 1080p, 60FPS. The package will include all 3 games with the option to play their original versions as well as enhanced versions which include Wii U features. Trashmania Trilogy will also fully support Off-TV play which for many has become one of the best and most defining features of Nintendo's HD console. The game is currently set for an early 2015 release and any fan of retro or horror gaming should keep an eye on this title. Enjoy!

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