Friday, August 29, 2014

Wii U Games Of Past, Present and Future Trailer

Fanboys can argue till their blue in the face about which current generation console is best but there is one undeniable truth, the Nintendo Wii U has THE BEST lineup of exclusive games this generation! (Wii U, PS4 & XBOne). Nintendo knows this and is wisely advertising this fact in their latest trailer which showcases some the biggest titles that are already out on the machine as well as the future gems on the horizon. Whether your tastes are Platform (Super Mario 3D World), Shooter (Splatoon), Action (Bayonetta 2), RPG (Xenoblade Chronicles X), Racing (Mario Kart 8), Adventure (The Legend of Zelda) or Fighting (Super Smash Bros.), the Nintendo Wii U is ONLY place to experience these amazing games. Enjoy!

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