Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fan Animated Zelda Series Retells "A Link To The Past"

Nintendo has wisely avoided expanding the Zelda franchise into other media outside of the questionable animated series from the late 80's. Despite fans crying for a movie or animation, its safer for Nintendo not to stray from the subjective video game experience since fans have set in their mind what the voices and characters should and should not be. This was clearly proven by Metroid: Other M which attempted to provide both a voice to bounty hunter Samus Aran and also give fans a truly cinematic Metroid experience which many fans claimed to want. Sadly, despite trying something new, the last Metroid game received a harsh and arguably undeserved bashing from the gaming community ensuring that Link and Princess Zelda would not follow in Samus' footsteps.

On the flipside, fan works are given much more latitude and rightly so considering their work comes from passion and not profit motive. This brings us to the beautiful Zeldamotion animated series by YouTube channel Aeipathy Industries which has set out to bring fans an animated retelling of the SNES classic, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. The group released a stunning trailer back in 2012 which showed a lot of promise but was watched with cautious optimism considering the fate of previous Zelda fan works. Fortunately Episode 1 was released in mid September and the response has been quite positive. The first episode gives a wonderful taste of what's to come and is sure to delight any fan with its depiction of Link's early adventure in this legendary story. Enjoy!

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