Monday, September 29, 2014

Treon's Game of the Week - X-Type (XTYPE+)

Twin stick shooters have always been a blast to play with their engaging spin on old school space shooters like Space Invaders. They have even experienced quite a rebirth during the recent indie gaming boom with developers exploring the finer aspects of gameplay offered by this classic shooter genre. Robotron 2084 was one of the earliest games to popularize the sub genre of the space shooter but it took indie hits such as Geometry Wars and The Binding of Isaac to really give twin stick shooters a new lease on life. Indie friendly consoles such as the Ouya and Wii U have even experienced some twin stick gems such as Meltdown, Nano Assault Neo and XTYPE+.

X-Type is a simple yet addictive shooter that places it's focus on style and tight controls to craft a great game that channels the spirit of Geometry Wars. The game is essentially a string of randomly generated boss battles where top scores and leaderboards are the driving force. When the player surrenders themselves to the tight controls, you experience an almost zen like level of immersion. The game started as an HTML 5 browser based experience built in the versatile Impact game engine but was expanded when the developer worked with Nintendo to make the Impact engine a part of the Wii U development environment (it should be noted that X-Type and the Impact engine are from the same indie developer). The results are an incredibly fluid game showcasing the versatility of HTML 5 as a game engine. The enhanced XTYPE+ is available on the Wii U eShop for a mere $2.99 and comes highly recommended but the developer also offers the original version of X-Type on the Impact site as a fully playable free game. X-Type is a must play for twin stick shooter fans on either system so be sure to give it a try. Enjoy!

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