Saturday, September 13, 2014

Over 80 Unity Based Indie Games Coming To Wii U!

Nintendo recently attended Unite 2014 and showcased how the Wii U is an excellent (and lucrative) console for indie developers. In addition to courting the many indies with their developer friendly console, Nintendo revealed that they have over 80 Unity based games coming to machine which is quite impressive for a console which the lamestream video game media dubs as a dead console. Nintendo was quite open in providing stats for their HD machine and the numbers paint a much different picture than what third party developers and the media have presented to gamers. It's a very enlightening set of stats for Nintendo fans tired of being lied to by clickbait "Journalists".

Wii U Online Statistics
  • Over 90% of Wii U consoles are online
  • Over 70% of connected users have visited the eShop
Wii U eShop User Gender
  • Female - 7%
  • Male - 93%
Wii U eShop Demographics
  • 0-12 - 1%
  • 13-17 - 5%
  • 18-24 - 33%
  • 25-34 - 46%
  • 35+ - 14%
This is an interesting set of statistics that largely debunks much of the bullshit statements made by big 3rd party publishers and the mainstream gaming media. First off, despite the claims of Nintendo being a "kiddie" console, the bulk of Wii U users (over 90%) are in fact adult males over the age of 18. Secondly, while the female audience is on Wii U, it is much smaller than assumed by many once again debunking the "mom who just buys a Wii U for their kid" argument. Lastly, the Wii U has an amazing number of consoles actively online (over 6 million) meaning that the third party's who gimped their online for Wii U rightfully lost out on sales. Ultimately, this means that the audience for mature adult games are playing the Wii U but have been burned by third party's for so long (over 15 years) that they will no longer invest in the table scraps shoved at them by lazy backstabbing companies. Interestingly this also means that the indie developers are reaping the benefits by creating quality Wii U games (that aren't gimped) for an eager audience who are happy to support their hard work. It seems that Nintendo is quite successfully turning their underrated HD console into the perfect machine for gamers who want stellar first party software and innovative indie titles. Enjoy!

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