Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feast Your Eyes On The Latest Super Mario 3D World Trailer!

Nintendo released a new trailer today (during their latest Nintendo Direct) for the upcoming Super Mario 3D World and the game looks every bit as great as its 3DS predecessor. This game (coming November 22) will likely mark the beginning of a new Mario series and it looks to maintain the high standard set by other games in the Mario family. Frankly, this is a brilliant move by Nintendo and will effectively create a traditional Mario game for every type of gamer. Here is a quick breakdown of the 3 core Mario series:
  • New Super Mario - This series retains the timeless 2D gameplay that began in the 80's while still offering new concepts such as the coin theme of NSMB2 on 3DS or the flying squirrel suit from NSMBU.
  • Super Mario 3D - The perfect hybrid of classic 2D Mario action with a 3D world while offering easier controls due to the fixed nature of the camera. This series is a great entry point for those who find the full 3D Mario games hard to control.
  • Super Mario Galaxy - The best in full 3D Mario for the hardcore Gamer's. This series started with Super Mario 64 in 1996 and has always offered excellent gameplay with sprawling worlds to explore.
While some would state that Nintendo has spread Mario too thin, this couldn't be further from the truth seeing as quality has not been sacrificed throughout his many video game incarnations. As much as people want whine and complain about the lack of "new franchises", the sad truth is that when they are given a fresh new game they don't support them (the excellent Wonderful 101 immediately jumps to mind). Nintendo has changed their strategy to creating fun new gameplay concepts and then find which existing franchise best fits the game design. This strategy works and with consumers afraid of change, I'm more than happy to support these excellent games that focus on fun/innovation over lifeless tech. Enjoy!

Special Update: It has just been revealed that the game will support every Wii U control option available. This includes the Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote(+), Wii Remote + NC, Wii U Pro Controller and Wii Classic Controller (Pro). This is excellent news for the games expansive multiplayer.

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