Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Major Wii U OS Upgrade Allows Off-TV Play For Wii Software

Nintendo has released its second major Wii U OS upgrade for 2013 adding a lot of new functionality to the console. Version 4.0.0 U, available via an Internet connection, includes the following improvements:

New Features:
  • The backwards compatible Wii Mode is now able to be output to the Wii U GamePad (This includes both video and audio). Users can choose to output to the TV and GamePad, or just the TV.
  • Players can now opt to automatically receive recommended software and demos from Nintendo using SpotPass
  • The Wii U now supports USB keyboards
  • You now have the option to disable use of a Nintendo Network ID on non-Nintendo hardware, such as PCs and smartphones
  • Support for Dolby® Pro Logic® II Surround Sound when playing Wii software
Changes to Wii U Menu:
  • Added a friend list icon to the Wii U Menu for easier access to the Friend List
Changes to System Settings:
  • An option to automatically receive recommended software is now available under “Internet”
  • A setting to select which cable outputs sound is available through “TV”
  • Users can choose to output sound through an HDMI cable, non-HDMI cable, or both cables at the same time. Click here for instructions
  • A setting to adjust the hourly interval in which standby functions are performed is available under “Power Settings” when Standby Functions are enabled
Changes to Wii U Chat:
  • Added the option to view a friend’s profile on Miiverse when sending or receiving a chat request
  • Users can now chat using a headset connected to the Wii U GamePad
Changes to Internet Browser:
  • Pressing the R or L Buttons on the Wii U GamePad will skip video playback forward/back a small amount of time
  • Holding the R Button will speed up video playback
  • Ability to save username and passwords for websites that require login
  • Ability to launch the Internet Browser during gameplay and upload screenshots
  • Added support for viewing PDF files
  • Added features intended for website developers that allow the user to enable developer tools and set user agent
Improvements to system stability and usability:
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience



  1. So you are telling me that my 5 year old can play greatness and i can still veg....thank you god Nintendo.

    1. Had a chance to test it out and it's pretty sweet. Wii games look stunning on the Wii U GamePad, especially Xenoblade Chronicles. The only downside is the need for Wii controllers but I'm sure a future patch will allow classic controller compatible games such as Xenoblade to use the GamePad controls. I'm loving this system more every day.