Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Clues Surface On Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon For WiiU

It was recently outed via that the 3DS hit, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, may be getting an HD version on the WiiU. Nintendo has remained tight lipped on the existence of such a game but the evidence is mounting as dedicated fans scour the internet and continue to find more clues. A recent listing on also lists the game with a potential $47.99 price (the Newegg ad lists the game at $39.99). Retail listings should be taken with a grain of salt but when multiple retailers begin listing the same thing, it becomes far more likely that the game exists despite what Nintendo would have you believe. If you are interested in the game and the evidence collected so far, take a look at the investigation trail so far over at Personally, I would not be surprised to see Nintendo launch a surprise Nintendo Direct around Halloween to announce the games existence.

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