Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hyrule Warriors Set For Summer 2014 Release

Tecmo Koei recently announced that Hyrule Warriors (that name is subject to change) is on track for a Summer 2014 release in Japan. While a North American release was not announced, it is expected that the title will release outside Japan around the same time (my guess would be August). Little has been heard about the title since its reveal during the December 2013 Nintendo Direct but fans expect the game to have a large presence at E3 2014 next month.

Tecmo Koei has also teased another major collaboration to be revealed later this year. Rumors and speculation are running rampant about what this means and who the collaboration would be with. While the company has expressed a desire to move onto PS4/XBOne, there is still a high possibility that said collaboration will be with Nintendo. Many don't realize how close the company is with the Big N now with 2 major collaborations (Metroid Other M and Hyrule Warriors) and the co-ownership of the Fatal Frame series between the companies. Personally, I am leaning towards Fatal Frame V for Wii U or the expansion of one of Nintendo's other franchises (Star Fox, F-Zero, etc.).

Hyrule Warriors Trailer Direct Link

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