Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tell The FCC To Not Destroy Net Neutrality!! (Share This Info)

The Internet is literally one of the last forms of true freedom in our supposed free country and the FCC is about to destroy it in the worst possible way. It's no secret that businesses and the wealthy own our corrupt government and have been very successful at taking away our "freedoms" while the public blindly allows it to happen. Net Neutrality was put in place to protect the Internet and there has been a long fight to dismantle the freedom it represents and control it by any means possible (SOPA, PIPA, etc.). The latest attack boils down to destroying Net Neutrality which would allow cable providers to dictate what sites you get to see and charge whatever they want for access to different websites and services. Simply put, this shit has got to stop and it requires you to act. I will allow YouTube user AlphaOmegaSin to explain it to you:

Direct Link

Here is a direct link to the form:

Here is a walkthrough if anything on the form is confusing to you

Let them know via Twitter as well:

Watch This Net Neutrality PSA From Your Friends at the FCC - or Else!

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