Friday, May 30, 2014

Nintendo Adds Stylus Control In Latest Pikmin 3 Update!

Pikmin 3 is an excellent game that offers lots of options in terms of control. Everything from the GamePad to Wii Remote & Nunchuk (and many options in between) were available from day one with one notable exception. That exception was the excellent touch screen controls present in the underrated Nintendo Land and its excellent Pikmin Adventure.

I always found it odd that stylus control was such a focus (and obvious advantage) in the Wii U launch title but was oddly missing in the fully featured Pikmin 3 which came out nearly a year later. Happily Nintendo has fixed this with their latest update which in my opinion is a game changer for Pikmin 3. While the analog controls were serviceable and the Wii Remote & Nunchuk options worked quite well, nothing beats the new stylus control which offers a level of precision usually reserved for RTS mouse controls. People often bitch and complain about the GamePad due to many developers not fully utilizing it but this new update offers up a very compelling argument in favor of Nintendo's innovative controller. If you haven't played Pikmin 3 in a while, I urge you try the new controls which make an already great game even better.

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