Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Super Smash Bros. Trailer Adds Some Serious Fire To The Roster!

Nintendo has been rolling out a seemingly endless collection of new fighters to its legendary Super Smash Bros. series. While some fans feared that Captain Falcon and his trademark "Falcon Punch!" would skip the latest game, a new trailer put those fears to rest. What was a bit shocking however, was the impressive addition of not 1, but 2 new characters from Nintendo's increasingly popular Fire Emblem series.

Both characters are from the recent 3DS hit, Fire Emblem Awakening which has become a favorite among fans of the series. The first new addition is Lucina who looks like a leaner and quicker version of Marth (it's nice to see Nintendo continue to expand its roster of female fighters). The second character named Robin is a bit interesting in that the character is literally the player's avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening. To that end, you will be able to make the character either male or female to suit your tastes (this is similar to the Animal Crossing Villager and Wii Fit Trainer). Don't be surprised to see even more faces join the fight in the coming months. Enjoy!

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