Thursday, July 3, 2014

Prepare Thy Eardrums For The Shovel Knight Soundtrack!

Shovel Knight has one of the best "8-Bit" soundtracks outside of games like DuckTales and Mega Man. Hell, it even bests those classics in many ways but that's to be expected when you have Jake "Virt" Kaufman (Composer of DuckTales: Remastered) and Manami Matsumae (Composer of the original Mega Man) teaming up to assault your ears with this games excellent soundtrack. Much like the music for Mega Man, the Shovel Knight soundtrack will burrow into your skull and burn itself onto your brain leaving you begging for more.

While Shovel Knight is digging its way through the industry as one of the best games of 2014, the Composer (Jake Kaufman) has blessed fans with a full download of the entire soundtrack on his Bandcamp page which is an absolute MUST DOWNLOAD for any fan of video game music. Best of all, the entire album is offered up with a "name your price" option which includes FREE! Enjoy!

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Download The Shovel Knight Soundtrack Now!

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