Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Last Story Officially A HUGE Success!

Nintendo of America passed on publishing The Last Story in North America despite outcries from the fans and their loss proved to be a big gain for publisher XSEED. Despite releasing at the tail end of the Wii's life cycle, the game has become the most successful game ever released by XSEED. When you consider that the company is over 6 years old and has released over 40 games across 8 different game platforms, that news is really damn impressive. The news also proves that the "core" gaming audience on the Wii are far more numerous than the game media would lead you to believe. The game was so successful in fact that the entire first run has sold out! To celebrate the success, XSEED has ordered a second run on the game and will be releasing the new "Standalone Version" for a steal at $29.99. The new standalone version will be packaged like all regular Wii games with a standard case, instructions and game disc. They have also announced plans to drop the price of remaining "Limited Edition" copies in the wild to $39.99 which is great for any collector's looking for the Art Book & LE Box. A special note to collector's, sealed copies of the "Pre-order Edition" which packaged the LE Soundtrack with the Limited Edition game will become extremely collectible in the future so if you see any in the wild, grab them up. Congratulations to XSEED on their success, a tip of the hat to "core" Wii gamer's who actually supported the game and for all you new Wii U owners looking for a deep and excellent exclusive for your shiny new console, get your ass out there and grab a copy of the amazing RPG which is now half the price of a new Wii U game.


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