Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sega Genesis Hit Pier Solar Fully Funded For HD Debut

The Kickstarter campaign to bring Pier Solar HD to a variety of new and old game platforms has proven successful and with 6 days left, a list of stretch goals has been revealed. Some of the more interesting features include a Directors Cut with additional sidequests and a version for the OUYA. Having rasied over $140,000, WaterMelon Co. plans to add the following features and systems upon reaching each goal:

  • $145,000 - Japanese Translation
  • $150,000 - Dreamcast Extras (16x9 Widescreen, VMU & VGA Support)
  • $160,000 - Pier Solar HD, Directors Cut
  • $175,000 - Pier Solar HD, for Android & OUYA
  • $200,000 - Pier Solar HD, for Wii U

While I am sure that these version will eventually be released for these platforms in the future, the stretch goals mean that they will be developed simultaneously with the already announced systems allowing for a quicker & smoother release. Simply put, if you want the game on your new system of choice, better ramp up your support and spread the word before December 5th.


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