Saturday, November 17, 2012

Donkey Kong Country Trilogy MIA On Virtual Console

In one of their strangest moves, Nintendo has completely removed the entire Donkey Kong Country trilogy without warning from their Wii Virtual Console service in North America. No explanation has been given and the move is even stranger considering that European Wii gamer's were recently given an official notice that the same titles would be removed on November 25th allowing fans a chance to download the classics before there removal. Many theories are floating around the net concerning Nintendo's motive ranging from a potential HD re-release on Wii U to licensing issues with RARE/Microsoft which makes no sense due to the entire Donkey Kong license belonging to Nintendo including any characters RARE created for it. While I like digital distribution for things such as indie games, I feel that the move away from physical gaming in the mainstream carries with it some heavy ramifications for the legacy of many excellent games. The lesson of this ordeal is to collect physical copies of the titles you hold close to your heart because the industry is pushing towards a day where ownership and access to your favorite games are dictated solely by the companies.

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