Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nintendo 3DS Far More Successful Than Trash Talkers Would Lead You To Believe

The Nintendo 3DS has had its fair share of critics and naysayers since its release in early 2011. What has become increasingly standard for Nintendo console releases since the Nintendo DS in 2004, people seem to get off on trash talking the Big N. This is odd considering that despite their missteps such as the PS3 launch price and 360 Red Ring Of Death, Sony and Microsoft are largely shielded from the same sweeping negativity. Funny thing is, Nintendo's last three consoles have all destroyed their competition in sheer numbers and what's really impressive is that each time, it was done so with weaker technology. Despite the constant doom and gloom, the 3DS has managed some impressive numbers even when being assaulted by tablets, smartphones and the PS Vita. In less than 2 years, the Nintendo 3DS has:

  • Surpassed lifetime sales of Gamecube hardware (21+ million)
  • Sold 2/3 of the total Nintendo 64 hardware sales (32+ million)
  • Sold nearly half of the total Super Nintendo hardware sales (49+ million)

Personally, I'm loving the 3DS way more than I ever expected to and can't wait to see what new games will hit the platform. With the Wii U, the gaming public are once again shit talking Nintendo and spelling the demise of the company. Quite frankly, it has become tiring and seems to be more for attention and headlines than actual knowledge or realistic analysis of Nintendo's consoles. What are your feelings on Nintendo's consoles? Are you a Wii fan? Do you still play the Nintendo DS? Please share in the the comments.

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