Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scirra Approved As Nintendo Developer, Working On Construct 2 Exporter For Wii U

Scirra, the company responsible for the indie friendly Construct 2 development engine, has been confirmed as an official Nintendo developer. The Construct 2 engine is a HTML 5 based game editor aimed at non-programmers. It is notable for its support of just about every computer based environment from Linux to Mobile to Facebook. Its simple drag and drop interface has made it popular among many new game developers and has already had a successful introduction on the Steam Greenlight program. Here is the announcement coming from Scirra's Facebook page:
"We've just had confirmation from Nintendo that we're now approved for Wii U software development! We'll be looking at adding a Wii U exporter to Construct 2!"
This is great news for the indie friendly Wii U and will bring a lot of new titles to the machine. Between this and Unity, Nintendo now has most of the major indie development platforms available to developers and has even offered to assist those developers in getting their games on their home console. It's an impressive move by the Big N.


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