Monday, July 15, 2013

Indie J-RPG "Soul Saga" Coming To Wii U!

For every third party game that isn't announced for the Wii U there are 2-3 games that pop up from the indie community. Kickstarter has quickly become a great source for new Wii U games with well over 15 games being successful funded over the last year. Hell, there have even been a few cases where a project was struggling to get funded and blew past its goal when a Wii U version was added to the stretch goals (Armikrog immediately springs to mind).

This brings us to the latest success story, the Steampunk RPG Soul Saga. Developer Disaster Cake is crafting Soul Saga as a PlayStation era J-RPG not dissimilar to games like Wild Arms and Final Fantasy and boy does it show. The visuals are quite beautiful and the gameplay looks deliciously old school which is quite refreshing considering that these types of games have had a tough time outside of the portable market. The game will be coming to the Wii U and even has a few exclusive features that will take advantage of the Wii U Gamepad such as a Steampunk cell phone. Be sure to keep up to date on the games development through the official website that logs the progress of this ambitious new game. Enjoy!

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