Friday, July 19, 2013

Super Mario On Atari 2600?...Yea, That Just Happened!

In the decades since the Atari 2600 once dominated the video game industry, the homebrew scene has exploded with many talented individuals bringing games to the system that just didn't seem possible given the consoles meager hardware (The impressive Halo 2600 jumps to mind). Homebrew may be for the most hardcore gamer's and collector's but it is one of the more exciting (and growing) sectors of the video game industry next to independent game development (which hombrew would technically be a subset of).

One of the latest Atari 2600 homebrew games titled Princess Rescue comes from Publisher Atari Age and Programmer Chris Spry. As the title implies, your task is to simply rescue the princess. While the game is an obvious Super Mario clone, the title is used to avoid any legal issues with Nintendo. Princess Rescue is an impressive technical feat when you consider the complexity of the graphics (for Atari 2600) and the fact that the game actually has a soundtrack which is an extreme rarity on the 2600. If you're a collector of obscure (and really great) homebrew games, you should grab a copy which is available on Atari Age as a physical cartridge for $30. Enjoy!

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