Monday, July 15, 2013

The Rageaholic Speaks Out In Defense Of Nintendo!

It's no secret that the "mainstream" gaming press and parts of the gaming industry have been using Nintendo as their verbal punching bag for many years. The Wii U is the latest Nintendo console to be shit upon with developers squatting down and squeezing out excuse after excuse why the machine is not next-gen or why they can't bring their latest game to the unique (and highly underrated) machine. This is quite ironic when you consider that the Wii U is the most mainstream friendly machine Nintendo has produced since the SNES.

The funny thing is that if you do a little research and follow the money, you find that much of the mainstream press is in the pockets of Microsoft, Sony and numerous third party developers meaning there is a vested interest in downing Nintendo as the Big N refuses to conform to the "standards" of the industry. EA's childlike tantrum after Nintendo refused their horrific Origin platform as the online service for the Wii U is an excellent example of this. This is why Nintendo has refocused the machine to cater to first party software and the indie community who take pride in giving the mainstream industry the middle finger.

This brings us to the master or video game rants xRazorFistx (aka The Rageaholic) who is never shy about sharing his opinion and always entertaining in his delivery of said opinion. His latest VLOG brings light to the atrocious hypocrisy that the industry displays towards Nintendo. Enjoy!

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