Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keiji Inafune Gives Mighty No. 9 An Early Test Run

Mega Man fans are hyped for Mighty No. 9 and with good reason when you consider its design pedigree and the lack of the Blue Bomber for many years. After its well publicized and highly successful Kickstarter run late last year, the team creating Mighty No. 9 have been hard at work getting the game up and running. All of this while also giving backers a steady flow of project updates and artwork which has revealed many of the supporting characters in the game. Mighty No. 9 creator and project lead Keiji Inafune has even revealed plans for an entire franchise including a possible live-action film which is great news for fans who wished Mega Man would've gotten a similar treatment.

This is of course getting ahead of ourselves and what the fans really want to see is the game actually up and running. Fortunately the game was recently shown in an early playable state to Keiji Inafune and he has given his enthusiastic approval (and as a longtime Mega Man fan, so do I). Honestly, Mighty No. 9 looks like a perfect blend of the original Mega Man and Mega Man X with that modern spin we've been begging for. While this clip is short, it's just enough to get us hyped all over again. Enjoy!

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