Friday, February 28, 2014

Ballpoint Universe Coming To Wii U On March 18th!

While retail releases may be slim on the Wii U, the eShop is seeing a flood of new games with many coming over the next couple months. Nintendo's HD console has become an indie darling with its inviting development environment, lack of competition from bigger third party's and dedicated fanbase willing to support these fresh new indie's who show respect to Nintendo's underdog console. In return, these indies are seeing quite a bit of success and fan support (thanks to Miiverse).

One of these new indie titles is Ballpoint Universe which blends unique hand-drawn graphics with a gameplay hybrid featuring both platforming and side-scrolling shooting stages. In the game you control Doodle, a little sketch who literally fights for creativity. Ballpoint Universe is being developed by Arachnid Games in the versatile Unity engine which has become the powerful backbone to many Wii U indie titles. Wii U fans can enter the sketchy world of Ballpoint Universe on March 18th. Enjoy!

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