Thursday, October 4, 2012

Amazing Retrospective Series Explores History Of RARE

If you are a Nintendo fan there is no doubt a sweet spot in your heart for RARE, a company that has had an enormous impact on many of Nintendo's past consoles. Their golden era was during the life of the Nintendo 64 creating a legacy of characters and franchises still revered to this day despite their ruin at the hands of Microsoft. YouTube user NostalgicGamer86 has been creating an excellent documentary series since late 2010  which explores the history of this beloved company with an insane amount of detail. A Rare Retrospective is an inside look at RARE covering everything from their inception up through their golden era with each part focusing on a specific game series loaded with lots of interesting inside information. I have linked to each part below including the running time considering that there is well over 2 hours of content.

NostalgicGamer86 has also produced a series of multi part retrospectives for a variety of video game franchises such as Street Fighter, Tekken, Max Payne and Shenmue and I recommend checking them out if you're a fan of those respective series. The quality of his productions are very high and the information is second to none and deserve to be viewed by any true gaming fan. Enjoy!

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