Thursday, October 11, 2012

PBS Mini Documentary Chronicles The Indie Game

The video game industry is in a strange state right now, traditional game development is in a battle with indie game development and the future of gaming has never been richer. Indie games are exploding right now and with the help of things such as Steam and Kickstarter, the barriers to making your own game have dropped and it scares the establishment to death. With the next console generation, you will see traditional games truly go head to head with the indie community. Nintendo has really become quite friendly with the indie community going as far as spotlighting multiple projects for their upcoming Wii U eShop and the OUYA could change the face of home console gaming as we know it. The effects of this are already apparent with major studios cutting back on budgets, teams and project sizes to compete. Documentaries such as Indie Game The Movie are expanding awareness of this corner of the game industry. PBS has put together their own mini documentary that offers an inspiring peak into the world of independent game design. Enjoy!

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