Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Trailer Gives A Chillingly Accurate Depiction Of The Dark Day

Black Friday is a disgusting symbol of America's obsession with buying stuff simply because "it was a good deal". In recent years, the dark day has really gotten out of hand with people going as far as shooting each other while others are tragically trampled to death in an effort to "save a few bucks". Every year, the day is manipulated by desperate retailers in a vain attempt to remain relevant despite their accelerated downfall brought on by online shopping.

To illustrate just how ridiculous Black Friday has become, YouTube channel Nacho Punch has crafted a movie trailer for the day which gives a darkly comedic portrayal to the day after Thanksgiving (or 6pm Thanksgiving Day which is just plain disgusting). Having spent the better half of a decade behind the retail counter, experiencing the darker side of the American shopper, I can personally attest that despite the dark comedy portrayed in this trailer it is actually far more accurate than most realize. While I am not a fan of the day for how it is exploited, I don't generally have an issue with it as a normal shopping day to be out with the family witnessing the idiots who loose their mind over it. Enjoy and please shop responsibly.

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