Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Duck Hunt Is Coming To Wii U Virtual Console!

The NES light gun classic Duck Hunt is finally coming to the Virtual Console service and could mark the start of other classics coming to the service. Since the Virtual Console hit the Wii back in 2006, many fans have wondered when Nintendo's light gun games would come to the service seeing as the Wii Remote would make the perfect alternative to the NES Zapper. For years, Nintendo remained silent and it seemed that games such as Duck Hunt would be lost in the past.

Fortunately, with the release of the new Super Smash Bros., Nintendo has brought back the Duck Hunt Dog and Duck as a playable team and used the opportunity to bring their classic game to the Wii U. To accommodate the move to the Wii U, Nintendo has added an on-screen reticle which is controlled by the Wii Remote. The games official page also states the the game will support 2 player and off-TV play (for those who don't know, the Wii U GamePad has a sensor bar built into it to support Wii Remote pointer control). With any luck, Duck Hunt's arrival on the service will lead to eventual release of other NES Zapper classics such as Hogan's Alley and Wild Gunman (fans of Back to the Future will remember this classic).

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